Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dynamic set / update filter value in gridfilter extjs


We have added the following functionality to the GridFilters
Each filter has SetActive and SetValue methods which can be used to set filter value during AjaxEvent
On client side you can use the following functions to set filter
grid.getFilter('dataindex').setValue("value"); //string filter
grid.getFilter('dataindex').setValue(true); //bool filter
grid.getFilter('dataindex').setValue({gt:2, lt:9, eq:5}); //numeric filter
grid.getFilter('dataindex').setValue({before: new Date(2008,0,1), after:..., on:...}); //date filter
grid.getFilter('dataindex').setValue(['item1', item2]); //list filter

grid.getFilter('dataindex').setActive(false); //turn off filter
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