Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Magento How to Remove price Decimal in magento

Change the price from Rs. 150.00 to Rs . 150 for example.
 For this, you need to edit code/core/Mage/Directory/Model/Currency.php
Open  code/core/Mage/Directory/Model/Currency.php
 Find the following :-
 public function format($price, $options=array(), $includeContainer = true, $addBrackets = false)
return $this->formatPrecision($price, 2, $options, $includeContainer, $addBrackets);
Change this code to:-
 public function format($price, $options=array(), $includeContainer = true, $addBrackets = false)
return $this->formatPrecision($price, 0, $options, $includeContainer, $addBrackets);
0 – Denotes the precision point for price..
The most important thing is still left.
- Clear the Cache.
- Go to System –> Cache Management
- Refreh Cache.
- If you have not enabled the Cache OR if it didn’t work even after refreshing the cache, then
- delete the cache folder present inside var (var/cache)
Thanks :)

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